11:11 WISHFACE Cosmetics is an all-natural product created by Vancouver-based entrepreneur and philanthropist, Gloria Cuccione. 

After trying (and using) dozens of beauty products throughout her life, Gloria had yet to experience the results she was seeking in her skincare regime.  Was it really too much to ask for a single product to stand on its own and act as a multi-functional skincare solution? She knew she couldn't be the only one wanting clear, firm, smooth AND glowing skin.

The 11:11 WISHFACE Cosmetics Good & Tight Mask is the outcome of Gloria's dedication to creating a product that makes everyone look and feel their best.  A product where you can SEE real results.  A product that you can't live without once you've tried it.  A product that sits on the bathroom counter and that the whole household will benefit from.

This is 11:11 WISHFACE Cosmetics.

"At the age of 62, I created 11:11 WISHFACE Cosmetics after many years of searching for a product that would produce real results to help achieve clear, smooth and beautifully glowing skin. I feel proud to now be able to share this gift with YOU!"