"I just did my first treatment and it was amazing. My skin already feels refreshed and younger. Thank you for developing this awesome product."
- Dr. Sandra D.

"I just used the 11:11 WISHFACE Cosmetics face mask. What I love about the product besides all the amazing vitamins in it and the anti-aging benefits is that it creates such a smooth canvas for my make up to go on. After I use mask, my skin feels tighter , my pores feel smaller and the texture of my skin just feels softer so my my make up goes on a lot smoother and I just feel it looks overall better. I love to use the product before putting on the make up or before going to bed because then I wake up with this healthy glow, especially in the winter time when our skin starts to feel dull."
 - Courtney V.
"I feel like my skin is healing from all the stress I have had, I feel the tightening happening and I most of all feel incredibly hydrated in the middle of winter, especially in Kelowna where it is very dry. I look forward to the six months and year mark. Thank you for creating this amazing product. "
- Zoe R.
"I have used it a few times. I like the tightening effect while it is drying. It leaves the skin soft and not dry. The process is fairly quick from mixing to applying and removal. All in all a thumbs up"
- Deanne
"Boy were you right about the softness and tightness! I also noticed the hydration. I used to suffer from dryness around my mouth and makeup always looked rough, well now my makeup goes on so nice and smooth and I've already been complimented about my glow!"
- Cindi
"I used your facial mask for 7 nights and think it is great. My face feels lovely after using it and I love the creamy feel when taking it off. I do end up using a cloth to make sure I am removing all of it. As for the results, I think my face looks brighter and more refreshed"
- Teri
"I am absolutely LOVING 11:11 WISHFACE! I can’t believe the difference in how my skin feels and how it looks after just 1 treatment of your fantastic product ! My skin is noticeably much more hydrated and feels so soft. I am 57 years old and find make up application is much more difficult navigating the wrinkles. Now, when I apply makeup i can tell that my skin is much smoother and my makeup looks more finished and evenly applied. I will always get compliments on my complexion. Thank you so much for this beautiful product! I highly recommend it!!"
- Carrie Y.
"I just used your mask tonight for the first time. It is incredible! I'm in love!"
- Maya S.